What is Zimbabwe chemical society?

ZCS is a chemistry professional body in Zimbabwe. It is a non-political scientific and professional organisation serving Zimbabwe and such other affiliated bodies in its services. The society co-operates and collaborates with the Government, regulatory organisations, training institutions, chemical industries and other professional institutions in achieving its objectives.


Message from the President

Dr Gift Mehlana
Greetings and welcome to the Zimbabwe Chemical Society (ZCS) homepage. Today, the chemical industry is everywhere in our surroundings and it plays a crucial role in our everyday life. There is no doubt that the global challenges that mankind is facing today will have to be resolved in the near future. It is with chemistry, along with other sciences and technologies, that these difficulties will be resolved through techniques that industry is in the process of developing with the help of researchers from various institutions.

The development of science as a whole, and of chemistry in particular, is an essential step in the technological and social progress of humanity and in the protection of our planet. One of ZCS’s objective is first and foremost to encourage pupils and students to discover or explore chemistry but also to introduce chemistry to the general public. As Zimbabwe Chemical Society we believe that science and engineering are the key ingredients of economic development. It is with this in mind that the Zimbabwe Chemical Society will ensure that our research will address issues that is being faced by our society today and ensure a sustainable future.

Executive Members 2019 - 2021

Executive President

Dr Gift Mehlana

He was elected to be the president of the society. Prior to his appointment as the president, he was the ZCS executive member. Dr Mehlana Graduated with a PhD (Chemistry) from the University of Cape Town in 2014 under the supervision of Professor Susan Bourne and Dr Gaelle Ramon. His PhD thesis focused on Synthesis and Applications of metal-organic frameworks in sensing of small molecules. Dr Mehlana is a Future leader- African Independent Research fellow in the Department and head of the Carbon Dioxide Research group in the Chemical Technology at Midlands State University, Zimbabwe. Prior to this post, Dr Mehlana was the Chairperson of the Chemical Technology Department from 2016 to 2019. To date, he has published more than 20 articles in peer reviewed journals. Dr Mehlana has Won several international prestigious scholarships and grants such as the Ludo Frevel Crystallography Scholarship (2012 and 2014) and the African German Network of Excellence in Science (2015). Dr Mehlana is also a recipient of the PhosAgro/IUPAC/UNESCO research grant (2018) which allows him to carry out research that addresses some of the principles of green chemistry. Currently he is a supervisor to six postgraduate students whose research is focused on carbon dioxide utilization. Dr Mehlana’s research focus is centered on developing new materials that can be used for catalysis, sensing and in drug delivery.

Dr Mehlana is also a member of the Executive Committee of the African Crystallographic Association Steering Committee which aims to advance crystallographic oriented research in Africa.

Executive Vice-President

Ms Yvette Chahwanda

Ms. Chahwanda (PrChem.Zw) is the first vice-president. She was elected during the 2019 AGM. Prior to her appointment to the current position, she was an executive secretary. She holds BSc (Hons) Applied Chemistry (NUST) and is a PRINCE2 Practitioner.

Executive Secretary

Mr. Damascus Masawi

Mr. Damascus Masawi was elected as the executive secretary of the society. Prior to his appointment he was ZCS interim vice secretary. He is a holder of a Masters in Materials Chemistry, MBA, Bachelor of Technology in Applied Chemistry and Chemical Technology, City and Guilds Quality Assurance, A3 quality Assurance, Lead Auditor, WIPO Advanced courses in Intellectual Property, ACS Reviewer Lab Certificate. He is a Lecturer in the Bachelor of Technology Chemical Technology Department at Harare Polytechnic in collaboration with National University of Science Technology(NUST). He has worked in various chemical industries as a Technical Manager, Quality Manager and as a Consultant. He has registered international and local companies to ISO 9000. He was a research scientist at Harare Polytechnic in the Jatropha biodiesel project which was taken to national level under Finealt Engineering, now under the Ministry of Energy. He also researched on the synthesis of hydraulic brake fluid from jatropha oil a book chapter in NAM S&T book publication on “Evolving Biotechnology in Developing Countries. He has registered a Patent with ZIPO. He has presented several papers on international conferences and has published and reviewed articles in peer reviewed journals. He is a member of Standards Association of Zimbabwe (SAZ) Standards Council (SCO) and a Technical Committee member. He was a team member of Research Council of Zimbabwe (RCZ) Rapid Results Initiative (RRI) which launched the National IP Policy.

Executive Assistant-Secretary

Mr. Franklin Mufaro Chipendo

Mr. Franklin Mufaro Chipendo holds an BSc Applied Chemistry (NUST) and MBA (MSU), he is currently working as a Quality Assurance Chemist at Standard Association of Zimbabwe (SAZ). Prior to his appointment as the society’s executive assistant –secretary, he was an active ZCS member since its formation.

Executive Treasurer

Mr. Gladmore Rongai

Mr. Rongai was appointed the executive treasurer soon after the 2019 AGM. Prior to his appointment, he was an active member since its formation. He holds a BSc Degree in Chemistry and Biochemistry (UZ)), MSc Analytical Chemistry (UZ), MSc in Engineering Chemical (Wits) and a Master of Business Administration (ZOU) amongst other qualifications.

He has 12 years’ experience in the quality Control laboratory of Petroleum products. He started his carrier in 2008 as a laboratory chemist at the National Oil Company of Zimbabwe now NOIC where he was involved in Quality control of imported diesel, petrol and jet A1. He became Standards Association of Zimbabwe’s Senior Technical Officer in 2012 where he contributed immensely towards the development of Petroleum products quality standards. He is the Fuel Quality Technician, at Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority a position he holds since 2014. He is interested in the development and improvement renewable energy sources, particularly biodiesel and ethanol.




Ex Officio Members

Prof MF Zaranyika

He holds BSc Chemistry and PhD analytical Chemistry (Boston) and is the professor of chemistry at the University of Zimbabwe. He is the founding president of the society. He is the current second vice president.







Dr. Paul Mushonga

He holds BSc (Hons), MSc and PhD Chemistry and is the current chairperson chemistry department at the University of Zimbabwe. He is the founding treasurer of the society.






The Society’s Registrar

Mr. Fastino Madzima

During the 2019 conference Mr. Fastino Madzima (PrChem.Zw) was appointed the registrar of the society. Prior to his appointment as the registrar, he was the founding Interim Executive Vice-President of the society. He holds a Master of Science degree in Analytical Chemistry from BUSE and several diplomas and professional certificates in both chemistry and medical fields. He was part of Biodiesel Research Team at Masvingo Polytechnic since 2002 and worked hard till its commercialization through Finealt Engineering in 2006. He was also instrumental as coordinator in the introduction of POC EQA (Proficiency Testing) and Connectivity projects which subsequently led to the crafting of National POC Policy under Ministry of Health and Child Care.

Mr. Madzima’s passion for the development of chemistry professional organisation started during the nationalization of biodiesel project. He joined IUPAC in 2006 as an affiliate member and American Chemical Society (ACS) in 2009. He became ACS Chemistry ambassador in 2010. He planned the national (Zimbabwe) IYC2011(international year of chemistry) chemistry celebration activities together with Ministry of Science and Technology Development in 2010.

Mr. Madzima was instrumental in the establishment of the Zimbabwe Chemical Society. He engaged and still pushing for the engagement of different organisations and individuals in both public and private sector to publicize and market the ZCS agenda. His vision is to see chemistry taking its proper position in Zimbabwe and improving the livelihood of Zimbabweans.

Zimbabwe Chemical Society

Gift Mehlana

Chemistry is a key driving force for economic growth. I expect the ZCS to be the engine that will drive the advancement of chemical sciences in Zimbabwe and beyond. The ZCS should aim to provide solutions that bridge the poverty gap by supporting and encouraging innovative research.

Beatrice Mugwira

I expect ZCS to promote innovation within the chemistry field, protect the Chemistry image in different ways around the world, to have a solid communication amongst Chemists and promote advancement in line with growing chemical technology.

Joshua Govere

I’m proud to be Chemist - The Heart of Science - and as a part of the Zimbabwe Chemical Society, a collection of apt minds, I wish to make a difference in our country.

Yvette Chahwanda

The Zimbabwe Chemical Society has promoted interactions between Chemists in different fields. I hope it will continue with this spirit and promote innovation and research, enhance Chemistry education and assist in chemistry related issues that our nation can face.

Charlene I. Kupara

Looking forward to see the ZCS achieve its goal to promote innovation and research commercialization through intellectual property registration also to assist in the promotion of the welfare of chemists in Zimbabwe.