The Zimbabwe Chemical Society (ZCS) is a professional and academic national organization serving Zimbabwe and beyond. The society will co-operate and collaborate with the government departments, regulatory organisations, private sector, training institutions,chemical industries and other professional institutions in achieving its objectives. ZCS was inaugurated during the inauguration conference hosted by the University of Zimbabwe, Department of Chemistry held on 16 – 17 August 2018. The occasion was graced by then Acting Vice-Chancellor Prof Mashiri.



The Society’s mission is to promote the development and image of chemistry in different ways in Zimbabwe, to advise on chemical education and other chemistry related legislative matters and issues of public and environmental concern, to play a leading role in assuring chemistry professions competence and integrity, and to foster international collaboration as part of the African and international chemical community. The Zimbabwe Chemical Society shall cover all aspects of learning, research application, practice and professional conduct in all branches of chemistry and related disciplines.



a. To promote innovation and research commercialisation through intellectual property registration.

b. To bring chemist together and foster communication amongst chemists.

c. To facilitate the advancement of research in the chemistry field as a profession.

d. To enhance chemistry education, career development and public appreciation.

e. To assist in chemistry related individuals, government and industry in its contribution to national sustainable development, wealth creation and improvement in the quality of Zimbabweans at large.

f. To provide leadership role as a national scientific organisation that will objectively address national issues concerning chemistry.

g. To co-operate with other national and international Chemical organizations in organizing meetings, exchanging of information etc.

h. To institute and maintain professional standards amongst its members. i. To promote the welfare of chemists in Zimbabwe.


In pursuance of the aforementioned aims and objectives the Zimbabwe Chemical Society shall endeavour.

a. Upholding the identity of the chemistry profession that is to clearly state and correctly position it within the country and various working places.

b. Bringing the industry, government and training institutions together and providing a forum for discussion and a medium for the dissemination of knowledge by organizing symposia, seminars, workshops and conferences.

c. Saving our ecosystem and humans from the effects of emitted or discharged harmful substances through engagement and expertise advice from the pool of registered professionals.

d. Establishment of code of conduct, norms, ethics, values and standards and defining the manner in which chemists should operates within Zimbabwe.

e. Public awareness through establishment of both print and electronic systems dedicated to chemistry and scientific issues and programs

f. To co-operate with the appropriate government institutions in formulating scientific and educational policies in planning and in exploring the results of research.

g. To establish, publish and distribute a peer reviewed journal of the society.