Zimbabwe Chemical Society Statement on Covid-19

The world is battling to contain the outbreak of covid-19 which has claimed a lot of lives globally. His Excellency the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe has announced a number of measures which are meant to stop the spread of the deadly virus in our country. Zimbabwe Chemical Society welcome the measures introduced which are meant to slow the spread of the virus.

The fight against coronavirus requires cooperation from the government, private sectors and all people from different walks of life. During this time, the Zimbabwe Chemical Society (ZCS) will provide expertise on how to produce hand sanitizers which adhere to the World Health Organization guidelines. We also want to take this opportunity to advise members of the public to use approved products for sanitization.

ZCS would like to advice Sanitization product manufactures to get their products tested first at the Standards Association of Zimbabwe (SAZ) against the prescribed ARS ZWS HS 1470 standard to ensure they meet WHO guidelines in terms of Bacterial Efficacy , pH , alcohol content , skin irritation and freedom from foreign matter amongst other parameters before marketing their products

I want to take this opportunity to encourage the public, essential services providers and private companies to

• Keep maintain social distancing at all times

• Wear a mask whenever they are in public spaces and

• Continue washing hands and avoid touching their face

To minimise local transmission of the Covid-19 virus

This pandemic challenges the human race of all color to call for a unison approach and collective fostering of ideas and resources to suppress and flatten the victims curve. Lets adhere to the advice of government and medical experts, together we will turn the tide against the corona virus.



Dr. Gift Mehlana

Zimbabwe Chemical Society Executive President