The Zimbabwe Chemical Society Awards

ZCS is pleased to announce the introduction of awards to individuals and organisation which have exceedingly contributed to the field of chemistry in Zimbabwe and also those who did well in the international community. Although the organisation did manage to come up with the following initial awards, more still need to be done in this field including expanding the awards and securing sponsorship to fund these awards.

1. Young Chemist of the Year

2. A’ level Chemistry Student of the Year

3. O’ level Chemistry Student of the Year

4. Undergraduate Chemistry Project of the Year

5. Postgraduate Chemistry Project of the Year

6. Chemistry Teacher of the Year

7. Chemistry School of the Year

8. Chemistry Tertiary Institution of the Year

9. Best Exhibitor of the Year (Schools Category)

10. Best Exhibitor of the Year (Tertiary Institutions)

11. Best Exhibitor of the Year (Public Institutions)

12. Best Exhibitor of the Year (Private Institutions)

13. Best Oral Presentation of the Year

14. Best Poster Presentation of the Year

15. Green Company oy the Year

16. Award for Exceptional Services (Volunteer Recognition Award)

Awarded to recognise exceptional volunteering activity in service to the ZCS and also supporting chemistry community in Zimbabwe.


17. Award for Inspirational Services

• Awarded to recognise the efforts of members and committees supporting our community through member-led activities.


18. Award for Prestigious Research

Awarded for the most meritorious and promising original investigations in chemistry and published results of those investigations.


19. Award for Interdisciplinary Engagement

Awarded for work at the interface between chemistry and other disciplines and also to recognise and promote the importance of inter- and multidisciplinary research between chemistry and the life sciences.


20. Award for Best Achievement

Awarded for distinctive and distinguished chemical or scientific achievements, together with significant contributions to the development of science policy in Zimbabwe.


21. Industrial Chemistry Award

Awarded for outstanding contribution to chemical technology or methodology in industry.


22. STEM Education Award

Awarded in recognition of an individual's or team's impact on the local or national community in relation to the promotion of science and STEM careers.


23. Green Chemistry Innovation

Awarded for the design, development or implementation of novel chemical products or processes which have the potential to reduce or eliminate the use and generation of hazardous substances


24. Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Awarded for demonstrating creativity, vision and driving chemistry innovation to commercial success for their business.


25. Industry-Academia Collaboration Award

Award to recognise outstanding teamwork in promoting innovation through industry-academia partnerships.


Currently the society does not have funds to implement all of these awards. However, the society will implement one by on depending on support or sponsorship secured. A number of mechanisms and alternatives are being explored so that implementation will commence as soon as possible.