The Registrar's Desk

By F. Madzima

The year 2019 is a turning point year for chemistry history in Zimbabwe. For the first time, ZCS held its first elective conference and made critical appointments. The ZCS’s success was derived from devotion and active participation by the interim executive president Prof. MF Zaranyika and distinguished ZCS members who were involved in the planning and execution of events and activities despite economic challenges facing the nation.


The enthusiasm of chemists about ZCS and the momentum of ZCS as a national leading chemistry professional body in Zimbabwe should be maintained and enhanced. The overarching thrust for my role is to pave way for carrying over the momentum created to the next higher level. As the registrar, I’m ceased with the following critical facts and challenges which need an immediate action:


i. Fostering the establishment of Zimbabwe Chemistry Professions Act

The Act is spearheaded through MHTE&STD, the engagement process with the ministry started late 2018.


ii. Coping with the National Needs

There is no doubt and question that the power of chemistry is a prerequisite for sustainable solutions to solve national economic problems including health and environmental problems. ZCS should take a leading role in providing effective methodologies and solutions to achieve both UNSDGs and vision 2030 in Zimbabwe.


iii. Gaining space, visibility and relevance in Zimbabwe.

ZCS must be known at all economic levels, its activities be visible, relevant and be recognised and appreciated by everyone in Zimbabwe.


iv. Planning for the future

ZCS must augment government efforts to turn around economic fortunes through active participation, planning and carryout the research which will define our national pride and sustainable future. This high time to define the future of chemistry in Zimbabwe.



I am very much looking forward to work well with all ZCS and non-ZCS members, any advice or idea is humbly welcome from ZCS executive or divisional or individual members. The opportunities are plentiful for volunteers to come forward, step in and contribute.


Your idea is our voice, please communicate it.


Wishing you all the best.


Fastino Madzima

ZCS Registrar