NOTICE 2 OF 2019




TO: All Zimbabwe Chemical Society members
FROM: ZCS Secretary
TITLE: Call for Nominations of Membership Division Committee Positions

NOTICE is hereby given for the opening of the nomination process for Membership Division Committee Positions

The Nomination Form attached hereto shall be completed and submitted to the ZCS Secretary before 31 May 2019. For purposes of this process the positions available for nomination are the President for each Membership Division. The Divisions available are

a. Tertiary Education Division
b. Schools Education Division
c. Industrial Division
d. Analytical services Division
e. Regulatory services Division
f. Sales and distribution Division

Associate members are eligible for nomination. Graduate members and Associate members can nominate members and are eligible to vote on the day of elections. Elections will be held at the ZCS Annual General Meeting in August 2019.

Members are urged to abide by the letter and spirit of the Constitution in their conduct throughout this process. Any deviation and violation of the Constitution will be addressed in terms of the provisions of the Constitution.

Only Registered members will be eligible for nomination, and only registered members can nominate and vote for members.


Y. Chahwanda (Ms.)
ZCS Secretary



Download Nomination Form Here