Frequently asked questions

Question 1: ZCS potential members frequently ask what the role of ZCS is as a professional body. What can it legitimately achieve in relation to its members and the society or the economy at large?
Answer: ZCS will seek to address professional demographic disparity and challenges that require professional solutions of concern to chemistry profession. The role of ZCS is clearly stated in the constitution which also outlines the benefits that would be obtained from being a member. The Society will place members in well-defined categories according to professional proficiency and experience. These categories will assist potential employers in making the right choice of the potential candidates for employment in terms of grading and duties in order to effectively achieve its intended goal. In Zimbabwe, consultancy in Chemistry profession has been severely affected. Foreign companies in most cases hire external registered consultancy (registered with foreign chemistry regulatory bodies) from other countries or other registered sister professionals thereby jeopardizing the professionals who are in this country. In case of verifying and hiring consultancy the ZCS website and secretariat will be there for viewing and advisory services.This will make these professionals more visible to those who are in need of their services.

The major benefit to registered members is networking. ZCS will bring all chemistry professionals under one network, sharing and exchanging ideas, getting professional opinion and advise within a shortest lead time. Individuals can easily realise their potentials and activate it to optimum potential without difficulties or much effort being applied. There is power in unity and collective bargain. Besides networking, registered members will benefit from career opportunities, grants, training and continuous professional development amongst others.

Question 2: Are registered members being recognised as professionals in Zimbabwe or abroad and how?
Answer: The ZCS will place all registered members in their categories based on qualifications, experience and competence. The first three categories (student, graduate and associate grades) are based on qualification and experience whilst the remaining categories (chartered and fellow chartered grades) are based on experience and competency with track records. On the same note, chartered members are consultancy in chemistry profession in a specific topic or topics that a member has shown competency in. These categories are in line with international standards in chemistry practice. ZCS is working in collaboration with internationally recognised sister chemistry regulatory bodies such as ACS in USA and RSC in the UK, and also as a registered member of Chemistry international organisations such as IUPAC and OPCW amongst others. Once you are registered to become a member of ZCS, your professional competency will be recognised internationally and you will get employed or registered with any other professional bodies from any other country and retain your professional status or grade or you will be awarded its equivalence in that country.


Question 3: What makes someone be a professional chemist when you get registered with the ZCS?
Answer:  ZCS as a regulatory organisation will set standards and ethics that will be observed by the registered members in line with international standards and best practice. ZCS has been empowered to deregister members who are not abiding to those set standards as outlined in the constitution and by-laws. By being registered you have committed yourself to observe and abide to those norms, ethics and standards. The body qualifies or disqualifies applicants based on the set standards. ZCS being working in collaboration with internationally recognised chemistry regulatory bodies it means that ZCS is complying with their norms and standards and as a member of international bodies it means it will observe and abide to their standards. The recognition and professional respect that is given to ZCS as an organisation is also bestowed to its members. As such, any professional decision that a members made should be respected and cannot be challenged by anyone else except being reversed by ZCS upon wide consultation until scientifically proved wrong.